Hello, I am
Cosmin Calin
And I am a
About Me

About Me

I'm Cosmin Calin and I am a

Hi there! I'm a 16 yr old developer with over 7 years of experience. I like making fun and satisying games and doing pixel art. I alos like playing chess.

Fun Fact: I was the runner up for the Pixilart Thanksgiving competition and my team won the Charlton Chess v Dartford Chess Tournament.

My Skills

My Skills

Web Design

HTML, CSS, SCSS, and JavaScript

Software Developing

Python , C++ , C# , React and Node.JS

Game Developing

Python , React , Web Based Games

My skills

My creative skills & experiences.

What I know

My Team
HTML 90%
CSS 60%
JavaScript 50%
React 70%
Python 80%

My team

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